Catalyst Demonstrates Next Generation of P25 Interoperability

Unit ID Transmission from Non-P25 to P25 Subscriber Units is an Industry First

APCO 2016, Orlando, FL – August 12, 2016

Described as a first for public safety radio technology, Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. will demonstrate routing the Unit ID from legacy and current subscriber radios to the P25 subscriber unit’s display.  This innovation leverages the messaging capabilities of the P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) standard to deliver Unit ID information to a device manufactured by RELM Wireless Corporation and then on to P25 subscriber radios using the P25 Common Air Interface (CAI) Standard. This is the first time legacy radio Unit IDs have been available to P25 subscriber radios without expensive, limiting infrastructure.

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Catalyst Announces Patent Application to enhance Incident Command Operations for Critical Radio Communications

New Methods permit previously incompatible communications devices to interoperate under the control of an Incident Commander

APCO 2016, Orlando, FL - August 12, 2016

Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of IP-based Dispatch and Interoperability solutions for Critical Communications, today announced that it has a patent pending for its invention of a system to allow an Incident Commander to coordinate personnel from disparate units that are using incompatible and different communication devices.

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Catalyst Demonstrates Advanced Broadband to LMR Interoperability

Innovation for Critical Communications


March 23, 2016 – International Wireless Communications Expo, Las Vegas, NV:  Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of IP-based solutions for Critical Communications, today demonstrated new capabilities for bridging traditional Land Mobile Radio systems and emerging Broadband systems. The company showed its Persistent Patch solution that enhances the robustness of connections between disparate communications systems.  The company also showed how powerful wireline interfaces like the Project 25 Inter-RF Sub-System Interface (ISSI), Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI), and the Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI), as well as the Digital Mobile Radio Application Interface Specification (AIS), are linked to one another, to other traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) protocols, and to Broadband systems. The presentation emphasized Catalyst’s state-of-the-art platform that includes Windows 10®-based user interfaces that can be easily adapted to work alongside emerging technologies ranging from on-scene video to the Internet of Things.

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Simoco and Catalyst DMR Tier III AIS Integration

Open Standard Provides Best of Breed Products


March 20, 2016 - Simoco and Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of IP based dispatch solutions, announced the integration of Catalyst’s Dispatch Consoles with Simoco’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier III radio system using the Application Interface Specification (AIS).  Simoco radio solutions are deployed worldwide with all major protocols.  Catalyst dispatch and interoperability solutions are field proven for mission critical voice with utility, public safety, education, and federal agencies across the United States.     

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Catalyst Demonstrates Enhanced Vehicular Repeater

One Application of Multi-Functional ICETM Product


August 17, 2015 - Catalyst Communications Technologies, a leading provider of IP-based solutions, demonstrated an enhanced version of its Digital Vehicular Repeater at the 81st Annual APCO Exposition.  The Vehicular Repeater is one application of Catalyst’s recently introduced, multi-functional product called ICETM (Incident Commander Element).  The new features demonstrated today include a unified control of high-powered radios and intelligent routing of audio between the three channels used by the radios.  A new Graphical User Interface simplifies the operation of the three radios so that novice first responders can more easily access the powerful capabilities of ICE.  This software solution intelligently manages the flow of audio so that critical syllables are protected even when the audio is being repeated locally and simultaneously connected to the radio infrastructure.

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Catalyst Announces System Release 6.2

Innovation with the P25 Console SubSystem Interface


August 17, 2015 – 81st Annual APCO Exposition, Washington, DC:  Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of IP-based solutions for Critical Communications, announced System Release 6.2 for its dispatch and interoperability solutions.  This latest version of Catalyst software includes an enhanced Project 25 Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) that routes Unit IDs from other radio systems to P25 subscriber units and supports distributed CSSI gateway hardware for redundancy and agency autonomy.   This innovative embodiment of the P25 standards enables intelligent interoperability across the most widely used proprietary and standards-based radio systems in the United States. Release 6.2 also provides additional flexibility for dispatcher controls and other enhancements to the Catalyst product suite.

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