Intellilink Gateway™


IntelliLink™ Gateway

The IntelliLink™ Gateway links multiple talk groups or channels between two, three or four different Land Mobile Radio systems including DMR, Project 25, LTR, SmartNet, EDACS, analog conventional, and others.

This solution is superior to other solutions because it manages the flow of audio between two radio systems to guard against lost audio. Catalyst provides an advanced interface to legacy control stations (SmartNet, EDACS, LTR, etc.), modern control stations (DMR, P25, NXDN), and to the wireline interfaces for DMR, P25, and LTE. When talk groups on the two systems are patched together using the IntelliLink™ Gateway, Catalyst buffers the audio until the target radio system is ready to re-transmit it so that the complete transmission is routed between the legacy system and the new one. Rather than VOX or COR, Catalyst uses the digital messaging, when available, from each system to know when each call starts and stops, creating a more reliable interoperability solution. The IntelliLink™ Gateway also creates an electronic record of every call to and from both systems so that the System Administrator can review the call flow after an incident.

Up to four mobile radios are controlled by each server PC. There is no limit on the number of talk groups or patches supported. The set of four donor radios and their server PC may be located in different geographic regions, connected by an Internet Protocol network. If one PC is taken off-line, the others can continue to route audio. One of the PCs will also include configuration and monitoring tools; a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse are user provided to manage the applications on all PCs. Once the patch is set, the server PCs can operate independent of the configuration tool.

Patches between radio systems – whether through wireline interfaces to DMR and P25 or utilizing donor radios – are implemented directly between specific networks and do not rely on a console type device to remain connected once the patch is established. Unlike other solutions, this methodology eliminates the “single point of failure.” Donor radios for both legacy and modern systems as well as infrastructure interfaces to DMR and P25 systems can be configured to establish interoperability between any specific talk groups programmed into those particular donor radios or available in the DMR/P25 system.

A strong application for the IntelliLink™ Gateway involves a smooth migration from older legacy radio systems to DMR, P25, or LTE systems. Intelligent gateway connections between mobiles radios that have legacy RF linkage and gateways with a wireline DMR (using the Application Interface Specification AIS) or wireline P25 (using the Console SubSystem Interface CSSI) connection comprise a powerful configuration. A graceful migration is accomplished on a timeframe that can be managed to best meet an agency’s budget and operational requirements.

The IntelliLink ™ Gateway does not require the use of a Catalyst Dispatch Console and may be used by agencies that either do not need a console or already have a console from a different manufacturer.