Catalyst's IP|Soft Radio™ allows your staff to monitor and talk back on your radio channels using the commercial cellular network of your choice. A variety of commercial off-the-shelf computing devices support the Catalyst application for Push-to-Talk (PTT) connectivity.

Stay in Touch. With real-time Push-to-Talk conversations, you can stay connected from anywhere that your cellular carrier provides service. Companies such as Verizon Wireless provided nationwide coverage and in many cases fill in the gaps within your own service territory.

Adapt Easily. Adapt to changing requirements for monitoring PTT voice communications IP|Soft Radio allows subscribers to easily select a new set of approved radio channels. Hundreds of channels can be accessed.

Increase Productivity. Boost productivity with future applications for commercial computing devices.

Always Hear. Hear important transmissions on secondary channels as they occur - even if the conversation is in a different frequency band or uses a proprietary radio system. With IP|Soft Radio, you can hear multiple PTTs simultaneously.

Reduce Problems. Eliminate the problems with carrying a two-way radio and a computing device. Use a single device to run multiple applications including PTT radio.

Save Money. Reduce the cost of PTT communications using a commercial, standards-based device.


The screens for IP Soft are infinitely configurable and two examples are shown here.  The first demonstrates how three Catalyst gateways could be monitored by a vehicle-mounted hardened PC.


 ICall 20140113-0909ET CM

The second example demonstrates how three Catalyst gateways could be monitored by a tablet.  Each Gateway could interface with a different frequency band (i.e. VHF, UHF, 800 MHz, etc.) or a different type of radio system (i.e. Project 25, Digital Mobile Radio, SmartNet, etc.).

Tx-Rx-Tablet-20140113-0909ET-CM small

IPD-Features-20140113-0909ET-CM small