Radio Control over IP (RCoIP) provides the essential signalling and management for voice messages required for Critical Communications and is a step up from the more limited Radio over IP (RoIP). Catalyst pioneered this approach and built it for the Land Mobile Radio industry from the ground up. RCoIP is designed so that essential messages get through by using confirmed signalling, not best effort signalling. With nearly two decades of experience deploying mission critical voice solutions, Catalyst has created unique call flow management technology and has partnered with the major radio manufacturers to provide real-time feedback from your radio system to maximize call delivery.

Catalyst RCoIP provides unique but essential information required by Critical Communications users such as Emergency, Unit ID, and channel availability. It allows dispatchers to choose from hundreds of channels on each Gateway and control functions like scan and encryption. Through our superior technology, partnerships with radio manufacturers, and outstanding customer support, Catalyst solutions provide Public Safety, Utility, Federal, Education, and other agencies with peace of mind.



Radio Voice via a Data Network Yes Yes
Push-to-Talk Control Yes Yes
Unit ID No Yes
Emergency Man Down No Yes
100’s of Channels No Yes
Channel Grant Message No Yes
End of Call Message No Yes
Selected Channel No Yes
Received Channel ID No Yes
Queued Call Message No Yes
Transmitter Off-Line No Yes
Zone or System Selection No Yes
Scan Control No Yes
Encryption Control No Yes
Private Call No Yes
Text Messaging No Yes
Unit Enable/Disable No Yes
Check Radio No Yes