SmartNet Solutions

Catalyst provides the ability for customers to continue reaping value from their Motorola SmartNet®/SmartZone™ investments by intelligently interfacing our gateways into radios that have access into the trunked network and delivering remote control capabilities to the dispatchers using IP|Console™, Propulsion™ and Desktop Dispatch™. From the Catalyst Consoles the dispatchers will be able to:

  • Remotely send radio voice via IP Network from Console to radio gateways
  • Have remote Push-to-Talk (PTT) Control of radio attached to radio gateways
  • Receive Unit ID of field radios talking to gateway radios
  • Have remote direct access to 100’s of channels programmed into gateway radio
  • Hear the channel grant message with remote PTT of gateway radio
  • Receive end-of-call message from gateway radio
  • Display selected channel id with text and/or graphics
  • Display received channel ID with text and/or graphics
  • Receive indication of a queued call on the network
  • Display on screen when a transmitter is off-line
  • Remotely select Zone
  • Put the radio attached to the gateway into and out of scan mode
  • Toggle Encryption on the gateway attached radio
  • Instigate a private call
  • Patch a SmartNet/SmartZone channel to other radio systems like P25, DMR and EDACS

Intelligent interfaces available for various radios that operate on SmartNet/SmartZone. Contact Catalyst for more information.