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August 17, 2009 3:13 pm

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Catalyst and Verizon Wireless Demonstrate Interoperability

Intelligent Routing Between Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk and Land Mobile Radio

Catalyst Communications Technologies Inc. (CCTI), a leading provider of Radio Control over IP (RCoIP) solutions to the Mobile Radio marketplace, and Verizon Wireless, the operator of the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless network, today demonstrated an Interoperability and Dispatch solution integrating Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk service with traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems.

This advanced solution dynamically routes Push-to-Talk voice on the Verizon Wireless nationwide network and calls placed on private radio systems such as those supporting Project 25, SmartNet™, EDACS™, and conventional. The Catalyst IP Console™ provides dispatch of Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk calls as well as legacy LMR calls. The solution is designed for Public Safety, Transportation, Energy, Federal, and other critical communications agencies.

Catalyst president Robin Grier notes that “Coverage has always been a huge issue for Public Safety and other mission critical voice agencies and Verizon Wireless has exceptional reliability. Now Catalyst provides an intelligent link between that service and existing LMR radio systems to not only extend coverage but add a host of new capabilities.” This technology provides a bridge between these disparate systems that manage voice so that information is not lost. Critical information like Unit & Subscriber IDs is used to track field personnel and route calls to the appropriate destination. Both individual and group calls on the Verizon Wireless network can be linked with the Catalyst solution.

Two vital solutions were demonstrated today in the exhibit hall of the 75th annual APCO conference – Interoperability and Dispatch. Interoperability using the Catalyst IntelliLink™ product provides a peer-to-peer solution for linking disparate radio systems across an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Dispatchers can create advanced links between specific Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk phones and LMR channels so that a single Gateway can support multiple uses. The dispatch solution using the Catalyst IP Console provides a full-featured, scalable, primary tool with built-in instant call recorder, paging, and call history. Dispatchers can leverage advanced messaging available from a variety of radio systems like Unit ID, Emergency, and the selection of hundreds of channels or talk groups. IP|Console may be used as a standalone dispatch console for Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk service or in conjunction with LMR radio systems.

Both the IntelliLink and the IP|Console solution are immediately available from Catalyst with first shipments of the Verizon Wireless gateway solution beginning in September.


About Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. 

Catalyst markets Radio Control over IP technology for the Critical Communications Industry and is a force for change in the effort to bring Internet-derived technologies into mobile radio applications. Catalyst focuses on products that leverage standard Windows®-based computers to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of network operators and end users. Catalyst’s extensive product line significantly enhances modern and legacy dispatch communications systems by seamlessly bridging wireless and wireline communications networks for network-based interoperability.

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