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August 1, 2014 11:55 am

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Catalyst Demonstrates Malleable Processing™ at APCO

New Orleans, LA – APCO,   August 1, 2014:  In its booth at APCO, Catalyst is demonstrating Release 6.04, an innovative new version of its products with Malleable Processing™.   Catalyst has taken its long-standing scalable architecture to a new level by creating dispatch, interoperability, and incident command solutions that can be redistributed across multiple processors to meet the customer’s evolving requirements.  Small systems can be run on a single processor or be distributed across multiple processors in multiple locations across standard IP networks.  This revolutionary approach allows customers to reallocate resources as needed.  Tailoring of processing power, available space, and hardware investment provides management the flexibility to best satisfy their current requirements for redundancy, coverage, capacity, and maintenance.  Agencies working in public safety, federal, education, utility, energy, and other critical communications arenas may now optimize processing hardware to solve changing dispatch and interoperability needs.

For instance, a police department may now choose to use a single computer for its dispatch console.  Catalyst Release 6.04 allows a single commercial-off-the-shelf PC to provide the user interface for the dispatcher, maintain the database, and control up to four control station interfaces.  No additional processors are needed to manipulate the control stations.  If the department’s needs change, the agency can distribute one or all of the processing for the control stations to other devices, connected to the dispatch PC via the agency’s IP network.  More dispatch positions with or without additional control stations can be added at the same or different locations.  Moreover, virtually any combination of control stations, base stations, SIP-based systems and wireline radio interfaces can be added in the same way.  Available wireline interfaces include the Project 25 Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) and Fixed Station Interface (FSI), the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Application Interface Standard (AIS), and EIA Tone Control.

Customers can choose the grade of processor desired for each portion of the solution, optimizing the performance and minimizing the cost to best meet its changing needs.  For some applications, the customer may choose to dedicate control of one radio system to a single server-grade processor with redundant drives and network interfaces.  Other less critical radio interfaces may share a single processor or run on inexpensive consumer grade machines.

Catalyst president Robin Grier remarked, “Critical Communications agencies need cost-effective solutions that can be molded for unique situations.  Malleable Processing allows each chief, each director, and each manager to choose where his resources are allocated so his constituents are best served.”

Release 6.04 is now shipping and supports Catalyst’s full-featured dispatch console, IP|Console™; its mid-level console, Propulsion™; its basic client application, Desktop Dispatch™; and its Incident Command solution, ICE™.

APCO is the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, and the demonstration is at the 80th  APCO Annual Conference and Expo exhibit hall.


About Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. 

Catalyst markets Radio Control over IP technology for the Critical Communications Industry and is a force for change in the effort to bring Internet-derived technologies into mobile radio applications. Catalyst focuses on products that leverage standard Windows®-based computers to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of network operators and end users. Catalyst’s extensive product line significantly enhances modern and legacy dispatch communications systems by seamlessly bridging wireless and wireline communications networks for network-based interoperability.

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