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August 19, 2012 2:22 pm

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Catalyst Demonstrates P25 Console with Tait & Harris

Project 25 Standards with Innovative Features August 20, 2012 APCO Expo, Minneapolis, MNCatalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Radio Control over IP solutions to the Push-to-Talk (PTT) marketplace, today demonstrated its innovative voice dispatch console with Tait Communications and Harris Corporation using the Project 25 (P25) standards.

Catalyst provided a hands-on experience with two P25 standards for dispatch and interoperability in its booth at the APCO International 78th Annual Conference and Expo in Minneapolis.   Catalyst showed two different interfaces between its dispatch and interoperability solutions with P25 – the Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) and the donor radio Common Air Interface (CAI).

DFSI Demonstration

This year Catalyst authenticated its compatibility with the Tait TB9100 base station via the P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface standard, TIA-102.BAHA.  Visitors to the Catalyst booth witnessed P25 messages including Unit ID and Emergency passing from P25 subscriber units to the Catalyst IP|Console™.  Attendees also saw how Unit IDs are automatically converted to aliases and how the console digitally controls functions on the base station like channel selection.

Catalyst’s IP Console is a full-featured public safety grade solution with a modern graphical user interface.  The console supports simulselect, auxiliary input and output, multiple unselect speakers, and many additional features.  Company president Robin Grier notes that “IP Console is completely scalable; agencies can begin with one base station and one console and later expand to hundreds of base stations and consoles without replacing their initial investment.”

This Radio over IP solution can use a shared Internet Protocol network to connect consoles to base stations and other devices over a large geographic region.  Using a shared network saves significant cost and simplifies maintenance.

In addition to voice dispatch, Catalyst provides interoperability with other radio systems.  The APCO demonstration also included an RF connection to P25 using Harris’ new, authorized M7300 mobile radio interface as well as connectivity to the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard, legacy MDC-1200 radios, and Verizon Wireless Push-To-Talk cell phones.  The Catalyst console also supports SMARTNET®, EDACS™, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) compatible solutions, and other systems.

Catalyst offers a multi-vendor solution. The APCO 2012 DFSI demonstration includes the Tait TB9100 base station; a product that has completed P25 Common Air Interface compliance testing and is capable of 100 Watts transmissions, simulcast, voting, and many additional features. Earlier this year at IWCE 2012, Catalyst exhibited its P25 DFSI interface with the Daniels Electronics MT-4 base station.  Catalyst and Daniels first deployed a DFSI-based solution with the US Forest Service in 2005.  Since that time, Catalyst has continued to enhance its P25 offering and is now pleased to show its flexibility by working with Tait’s infrastructure.

P25 CAI Donor Radio Demonstration

In its booth at APCO this year, Catalyst also demonstrated P25 dispatch and interoperability using a Harris M7300 donor radio.  This flexible architecture provides a Radio Frequency link to conventional and trunked P25 radio systems using the Common Air Interface standard.  Catalyst is the first company to provide connectivity to the M7300 using a Harris authorized interface for P25 operations.  This Harris-supported configuration assures agencies that their dispatch consoles will continue to interact properly with the Harris M7300 donor radio in the future.  The demonstration included Unit ID, Alias, Emergency, and channel selection.  At previous annual APCO Expos, Catalyst showed similar functionality with other P25 donor radios such as the Kenwood 5710 and the Harris M7100.


About Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. 

Catalyst markets Radio Control over IP technology for the Critical Communications Industry and is a force for change in the effort to bring Internet-derived technologies into mobile radio applications. Catalyst focuses on products that leverage standard Windows®-based computers to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of network operators and end users. Catalyst’s extensive product line significantly enhances modern and legacy dispatch communications systems by seamlessly bridging wireless and wireline communications networks for network-based interoperability.

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