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November 6, 2011 2:33 pm

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Catalyst Introduces Propulsion – a Graphical DMR Console

February 16, 2012 – International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), Las Vegas, NV – Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Radio Control over IP solutions to the Push-to-Talk (PTT) marketplace, today announced a new voice dispatch and interoperability solution…

Propulsion – This graphical tool drives voice dispatch and interoperability between Project 25 (P25) and DMR Land Mobile Radios (LMRs) as well as other disparate PTT devices. The Propulsion console supports radios from multiple vendors including Harris Corporation’s MomentumTM DMR and P25 product lines; Harris and Catalyst are simultaneously demonstrating the product in their booths at IWCE.  A Critical Communications grade solution, Propulsion supports features like Emergency, Unit ID with a centralized alias database, multiple layouts, and SimulSelect, as well as a full complement of accessories such as a PTT footswitch.

Catalyst continues to be a force for change in the PTT market with groundbreaking use of modern graphics to instantly communicate the channel, interoperability scenario, individual radio user, and more. Agencies may use generic graphics included with the product or add their own custom logos, emblems, and pictures to suit unique needs. System administrators can customize the user interface for each dispatcher and each shift, controlling access to radio channels, telephone lines, and capabilities like patching, while streamlining training with an intuitive presentation.

The Propulsion console provides industry leading interoperability capabilities, and the system administrator can match them to an individual dispatcher’s needs, responsibilities and experience. The administrator can prevent certain dispatchers from using patching at all, while allowing others to only enable and disable specific preconfigured scenarios, while giving still others the ability to create new patches on the fly. In addition to Harris’ DMR Momentum and P25 radios, Propulsion supports Kenwood’s NEXEDGE, Verizon Wireless’ Push-To-Talk, and other PTT systems. Detailed, colorful graphics allow for clear, intuitive presentations of the interoperability scenario. Using Catalyst’s exclusive IP LinkTM technology, patches are made directly between radio transceivers and do not flow through the console, thus eliminating a single point of failure and a network bottleneck.

Propulsion leverages Catalyst’s thirteen years of experience deploying Radio over IP (RoIP) solutions for Public Safety, Utility, Transportation, Energy, Federal and other Critical Communications agencies.  The company’s unique, network-friendly technology simplifies installation and maintenance on the Internet Technology (IT) network and the PTT system.  For instance, the solution can route voice traffic across the IT network as unicast, avoiding the need for expensive, constant maintenance in support of multicast.  Like other Catalyst solutions, Propulsion extends RoIP to give agencies control across a shared IT network, managing mission critical traffic and advanced radio functionality.  Catalyst’s intelligent radio interfaces and unique call flow management protect mission critical voice, and Catalyst’s refined use of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ensures that messages like “unkey-the-transmitter” reach their destination.

Stephen Frackleton, Harris Corporation, notes, “Catalyst has been providing Public Safety dispatch and IP-based interoperability solutions for over a decade. Momentum and Propulsion are a great fit for Public Safety agencies in need of digital narrowband communications within the budget constraints of our recent economy.”  Like other Catalyst solutions, Propulsion gives agencies the power to control radio systems, IT maintenance, and future hardware purchases.

Catalyst president Robin Grier adds, “Catalyst is pleased to partner with Harris in meeting the changing needs of Public Safety, Utility, Transportation, and other critical communications agencies.  Harris’ battlefield experience, worldwide success with municipal and enterprise radio systems, and expert staff will provide high quality, cost-effective DMR solutions. Together we are allowing each department the choice between DMR, P25, and other platforms and are allowing interoperability between devices on those networks.  Harris’ commitment to standard protocols provides immense value to the Land Mobile Radio industry.”

Catalyst’s Propulsion Console is immediately available for order from Catalyst or your local Catalyst dealer.


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