Codan - Catalyst Communication Technologies


Catalyst and Codan first demonstrated radio control  of a Codan P25 base station from a Catalyst console in 2006 using the P25 Fixed Station Interface (FSI). This combination supports both P25 conventional with features like Unit ID and Emergency Indication.  Since 2006, both companies have continued to collaborate and in 2014, demonstrated the successful integration of the Console SubSystem Interface open P25 digital interface (CSSI) between the two companies’ products using each company’s latest platform. This integrated solution offers high-level functionality and enhanced features to P25 users of Codan and Catalyst products, including Unit ID, Console Pre-emption, Emergency signaling, Group Calling, Emergency Group Calls, custom graphics for each talk group, a centralized alias database, roaming profiles for dispatchers, instant playback, and control of remote devices.

Cooperation work between the two companies continues and, in 2015, the companies showed the recently announced Codan Stratus repeater connected directly with the Catalyst IP|ConsoleTM using the Project 25 (P25) standard Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI).

Some of the earliest work between Codan and Catalyst occurred with the Daniels line of mountaintop  base stations and repeaters, which were purchased by Codan in 2012. Both Catalyst and Daniels (now Codan) have longstanding relationships with the US Forest Service, National Park service, Bureau of Land Management and state forest and park services that have matched Catalyst and Daniels / Codan products for critical communications in challenging environments.



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