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March 7, 2011 2:45 pm

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Catalyst Demonstrates Integrated PTT on LTE

March 9th, 2011, – IWCE Las Vegas, NV Catalyst Communications Technologies Inc. (CCTI), a leading provider of Radio over IP solutions to the Mobile Radio marketplace, today demonstrated a new product that provides instant field access to your LMR system, Commercial PTT system, or Radio Network Dispatch Center from an extremely portable tablet PC without carrying a radio of any kind.  “This advanced solution leverages a number of new technologies to bring a solution to market that was not possible just a few short months ago”,  said Catalyst President, Robin Grier.  “These technologies include the rollout of 4G commercial broadband networks, high performance tablet style computing platforms, and significant enhancements in Catalyst’s RCoIP (Radio Control over IP) solutions.

One of the real powers of this solution is the ability to customize the user interface (UI) to meet the needs of specific market segments and even specific customers.  For example, at IWCE, Catalyst is demonstrating a UI that is targeted at in-car installations such as within a public safety vehicle.  This interface incorporates audio and control access to one on board (in vehicle) radio and two fixed location radios.  In addition, the UI simultaneously provides real time video streaming for one on board video camera and one external fixed location video camera.  Catalyst’s live system leverages the high speed over the air data transfer rates of the commercial LTE based 4G network which was recently commissioned in Las Vegas.

Catalyst has also demonstrated a UI targeted at the utility industry meter reader.  This UI includes Land Mobile Radio System access and access to commercial network Push to Talk devices while simultaneously allowing a meter reader to enter field data.

Catalyst president Robin Grier continued that “many workers in the field have historically been hampered by the functional requirement to carry multiple devices to do their job.  This is inconvenient and leads to significant added expense.  The ability to leverage today’s commercial high speed broadband networks in combination with today’s higher performance computing platforms and Catalyst technology can really can reduce expenses and make life easier”.

The Catalyst IP|SOFT Radio solution is being demonstrated at this year’s IWCE show in Catalyst’s booth 7054.  IP|SOFT Radio is compatible with all existing Catalyst gateways including those that support legacy radio systems, such as Harris’ EDACS and Motorola SMARTNET, Project 25, as well as commercial push to talk systems from Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel.  In addition, IP|SOFT Radio provides communications to any organization’s dispatch center.  Unlike a traditional radio, IP|SOFT Radio allows multiple voice streams to be simultaneously monitored without scanning.


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