Desktop Dispatch

Desktop Dispatch™

Catalyst’s Backup and Mobile Dispatch solution, Desktop Dispatch is designed to supplement existing dispatch operations or to provide emergency backup dispatch capabilities. The client is designed for conservative bandwidth consumption making it ideal for dispatch from a mobile command vehicle connected to a lower bandwidth connection such as a cellular air-card. It is a compact application that can be rapidly deployed on most any modern Windows PC with IP access and can operate on a small portion of a PC screen. This application can communicate with radio gateways dispersed throughout your radio system, and can be used with a multitude of radio system technologies with wireline interfaces such as Project 25 (P25), Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), and PTT over LTE.  It can also be used with control stations for P25 and DMR, as well as legacy SmartNet®, EDACS®, LTR, etc. for a wireless connection. Catalyst’s Desktop Dispatch is fully compatible with Catalyst’s IP|Console and Propulsion making it ideal for providing dispatch capabilities in a supervisor’s office at a very low cost point.

The architecture works well as an overlay to existing radio systems to serve as a low cost but reliable independent backup dispatch system. Desktop Dispatch also supports advanced capabilities that you would not expect from a low cost solution such as the decoding of Unit IDs and emergency messages as well as options such as simulselect, basic paging, and recording and playback of audio.

Catalyst backs up Desktop Dispatch with a full line of accessories as well as critical communications grade support services, including 24/7 technical support staff and professional installation and training.


  • Monitor dozens of radio systems, talk groups, or channels from a single compact window.
  • Compact user interface. Multitask with other applications.
  • Select and Unselect audio—send audio from unselected channels to a different speaker.
  • Footswitch and Headset Compatible.
  • Group, Individual, and Simulselect transmission—transmit to a single radio or groups of radios on different systems at once.
  • Call logging—logs all calls on all connected systems, with optional recording and playback of logged audio

Desktop Dispatch™ uses little PC screen real estate and can operate together with other applications.


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