EF Johnson - Catalyst Communication Technologies

EF Johnson

Catalyst has a long history of support for EF Johnson radios.

Catalyst had developed advanced control of EF Johnson radios for more than a decade, beginning with the Series 5300 radios and continuing through the Viking(r) Models that highlight the EF Johnson line today. Also, remove the bold on all the EF Johnson mentions. Using these Donor Radios, Catalyst consoles provide advanced features such as Unit ID, Emergency, and access to 100’s of talk groups and multiple systems. Catalyst provides advanced interoperability between SmartNet/SmartZone systems and other systems such as P25, EDACS, LTR, NXDN, and DMR. Catalyst can manage the audio flow so that syllables are not lost, even when the SmartNet/SmartZone trunked system is queuing calls.

Now that EF Johnson is owned by Kenwood, migration and interoperability solutions from Catalyst help customers mix and match the best of both these products lines, through Catalyst’s advanced control of both EF Johnson and Kenwood radios.

Introduced in 2012, Catalyst has serial control of EF Johnson Viking radios, which are compatible with SMARTNET®/SmartZone® trunking and P25 trunked and conventional modes.


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