Harris - Catalyst Communication Technologies


For nearly two decades, Catalyst has  offered advanced control of Harris radios and has developed sophisticated interfaces to Harris radios as both companies – and the industries we serve – have matured. Today, Catalyst P25 solutions include the CSSI Trunking Wireline Interface, the DFSI Conventional Wireline Interface, and the XM Control Station Interface that provides advanced control of Harris radios.

Catalyst provides the ability for customers to continue reaping value from their Harris EDACS™ trunking investments by intelligently interfacing our gateways into radios that have access into the trunked network. Also, Catalyst provides the DMR standard AIS interface and can provide interoperable communications with legacy Momentum radios, Tait radios now marketed by Harris, and Harris radios. Using intelligent interfaces, including the digital XM interface, we are able to control many current and legacy Harris mobiles including M7100, M7300 (XG-75M), M5300 and Unity (XG-100M). Catalyst offers a wireless interface to Harris OpenSky networks.

The features now available for Radio Control over IP vary by radio model. A few examples are:

  • Remotely send radio voice via IP Network from Console to radio gateways
  • Have remote Push-to-Talk (PTT) Control of radio attached to radio gateways
  • Receive Unit ID of field radios talking to gateway radios
  • Have remote direct access to 100’s of channels programmed into gateway radio
  • Hear the channel grant message with remote PTT of gateway radio
  • Receive end-of-call message from gateway radio
  • Display selected channel ID with text and/or graphics
  • Display received channel ID with text and/or graphics
  • Receive indication of a queued call on the network
  • Display on screen when a transmitter is off-line
  • Remotely select System
  • Put the donor radio attached to the Gateway into and out of scan mode
  • Initiate an individual call
  • Patch between various disparate radio systems including EDACS, P25, DMR, OpenSky and SmartNet SmartZone

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