IP Console


IP|Console™ is an advanced full-featured Radio Control over IP (RCoIP) dispatch system designed to meet the stringent reliability requirements of Public Safety, Utility, and Government dispatch applications. IP|Console™ fully supports radio systems from most manufacturers and a multitude of radio system technologies such as Project 25 (P25), Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Push-To-Talk over LTE, SmartNet®, EDACS®, NXDN, and more. For P25, IP|Console™ supports the Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI), the Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI), and various control stations using the Common Air Interface (CAI). For DMR, IP|Console™ supports the Application Interface Specification (AIS) for Tier III systems and the RF interface using various control stations for Tier II systems.

Fully Customizable + Configurable UI

IP|Console™ features a fully customizable user interface to improve dispatcher efficiency and minimize operator errors. The system administrator can assign a Catalyst provided layout or design a custom console configuration—what the dispatcher sees and what functions are available on the console—on a by-user basis. Configurations can be stored on an Administration Server and accessed by console positions as required, meaning that any dispatcher can sit at any physical console and load their own assigned layouts.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable layout can be accessed from any Console position
  • Wireline/infrastructure or donor radio interfaces
  • A full featured call recording and playback module
  • A graphical stacked paging module
  • Alert tone generation
  • Support for a select and as many as 5 unselect speakers
  • Powerful tools for managing patching and interoperability

Scalable and Reliable Architecture

IP|Console™ is a scalable solution that can be cost effectively configured for a small number of positions and can support primary dispatch for a large city, county, or multi-state utility. The robust distributed IP based client-server architecture eliminates the need for a central switch, thus no single point of failure exists. At the heart of the system is Catalyst’s advanced RCoIP gateway technology which performs a host of functions to meet the extreme information and reliability requirements for critical communications. Examples are the ability to decode and display critical messages such as unit ID and Emergency as well as the ability to intelligently buffer and stream audio to ensure transmission occurs as soon as possible but with no lost audio. Catalyst Gateways may be mixed and matched in any combination of wireline and wireless interfaces and disparate over-the-air signalling to meet the requirements of centers that dispatch using multiple radio systems. For more information on the benefits of Catalyst’s system architecture, click here.

Interoperability and Patch Management

IP|Console™ offers a full slate of tools for managing communications with multiple channels and talk groups.  Basic ad hoc patch and simulselect controls are standard.  The system administrator can uniquely include preconfigured patches and simulselects in each dispatcher’s layout, thereby precisely controlling which channels that dispatcher is allowed to link. In addition, IP|Console™ includes interoperability technology from our IntelliLink™ Gateway product, providing Dispatchers with full access to the most sophisticated interoperability controls in the market.  Administrators can also include a Patch Management window allowing a supervisor to view, enable, and disable any patch on the network; this tool not only allows supervisors to quickly understand which dispatcher created the patch and immediately disable it if appropriate but also enables any pre-configured patch on the network.

A Complete Solution

Catalyst backs up IP|Console with a full line of accessories including a headset/telephony control unit that allows the dispatcher to use a single headset for radio and telephone, headsets, microphones, speakers, and foot switches. Catalyst prides itself in industry leading critical communications grade support services, including 24/7 technical support staff and professional installation and training services.

Additional Features

• User layouts—configurable working environments created by an administrator for individual dispatchers that provide access only to the appropriate channels and functions.

• Select and Unselect audio—send audio from selected and unselected channels to up to 6 different speakers.

• Auxiliary Input/Output Control with Custom Graphics and Audible Alarms (optional)

• Paging – Integrated software-based solution supports multiple formats, stacked and steered paging (optional).

• Group, Individual, and Simulselect transmission—transmit to a single radio or multiple selected systems at once.

• Call logging—logs all calls on all connected systems, with optional recording and playback of logged audio.  IP interface to leading logging recorders.

• Easy integration with Catalyst’s IntelliLink Interoperability software.

• Optional Administrative Server software allows layouts to be saved in a central location and loaded to any connected console

• Advanced Spectrum Management – accommodate multiple conventional channels on the same frequency


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