Kenwood - Catalyst Communication Technologies


Catalyst solutions feature robust communications and control capabilities to a wide variety of radio systems via Kenwood mobiles, including LTR trunking, FleetSync conventional and the more recent NXDN protocols promoted by Kenwood. The Catalyst/Kenwood combination also supports popular standards such as Project 25 and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) as well as conventional with or without MDC-1200.

Catalyst has demonstrated compatibility with the new Kenwood NX-5000 series of multi-function mobile radios. These tri-protocol radios support combinations of DMR, P25, and NXDN network technologies. Catalyst’s advanced control of these radios, including Unit ID, Emergency, hundreds of talk groups, text messaging and other advanced radio controls provide end users with a cost effective solution for many different Radio over IP applications.


A new White Paper to help explain why Interworking between LMR and LTE public safety users needs to be based upon standards, and the dangers of using proprietary Push to Talk over cellular services, can now be downloaded from the Catalyst website.…