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Technology Milestones – Patent

Catalyst has been awarded patent 9,848,311 for its invention of a system to allow an Incident Commander to coordinate personnel from disparate units that are using incompatible and different communication devices.
The company’s patent describes an innovative process for combining field deployable dispatch and control of radio systems with various control capabilities of radio communications protocols. This innovative intellectual property will combine the benefits of Catalyst technology with standards based radio communications protocols in a way that will uniquely improve communications between First Responders during an Incident.
The technology is particularly powerful as it includes innovative methods for determining when a target communications device is idle or busy and, if busy, managing the audio to prevent the loss of syllables. The technology is currently deployed in Catalyst products ICE™, FIRE™, and FIRE-BK™, solutions for Incident Command and advanced digital vehicle repeater applications.

CCTI Patent 9848311

Catalyst's Robin Grier is presenting the future of Interworking Standards between P25 LMR systems and Public Safety LTE Systems at an upcoming Webinar sponsored by the Project 25 Interest Group.… It's free and informative. Hope to see you there.