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Radio Interfaces

Catalyst has developed “wireline” interfaces to LMR radio networks and these interfaces are described on the P25 (CSSI, DFSI), the DMR (AIS), and the EIA Tone Control pages. With a wireline interface to the radio system, a wired Ethernet connection is used to connect the LMR core to the IP network for communications to Consoles, logging recorders, and other radios that are part of the network. Catalyst has also developed “wireless” radio interfaces. A wireless connection includes a donor radio using a 4-Wire interface to provide a link between the core LMR system and a gateway that is then connected to the IP Network.

Many console manufacturers have developed generic 4 wire interfaces to connect with donor radios. For many radio manufacturers, Catalyst has taken this one step further by developing technology that implements the serial digital control for the specific manufacturer, typically through a cooperative agreement to access the radio control protocol. The level of control isdescribed for each of the radio manufacturers presented below.


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