Simoco - Catalyst Communication Technologies


Catalyst and Simoco provide an integrated Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier III solution for dispatch and interoperability using the Application Interface Specification (AIS).  The Catalyst Propulsion console is the leading Critical Communications dispatch tool for the Simoco radio system.  Dispatchers can monitor dozens of DMR talk groups via a single Ethernet connection between the Catalyst AIS Gateway and the Simoco multisite radio network.  This scalable approach allows many consoles to be spread across a large geographic region, connected via Internet Protocol. The wireline interface provides a spectrum-efficient approach that allows any combination of talk groups and consoles, overcoming the bottle-neck of the wireless interface. Dispatchers can make and receive Individual voice calls, text messages, and status messages. DMR trunked talk groups can be linked with legacy radios such as LTR, SmartNet, EDACS, and MDC-1200 as well as current radios like P25 and NXDN via console patches or without a console by using Catalyst IntelliLink and AIS Gateway.


A new White Paper to help explain why Interworking between LMR and LTE public safety users needs to be based upon standards, and the dangers of using proprietary Push to Talk over cellular services, can now be downloaded from the Catalyst website.…