Tait - Catalyst Communication Technologies


Catalyst and Tait offer integrated solutions for Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Project 25 (P25). Catalyst dispatch and interoperability solutions connect to Tait DMR Tier III radio systems via the DMR Association’s wireline Application Interface Specification (AIS). This scalable, spectrum efficient approach allows dispatchers to communicate with a single site trunked system or across vast land masses covered by a multi-site DMR network. Dispatchers can monitor multiple talk groups simultaneously via a single ethernet connection, viewing advanced information such as Unit ID, Alias and Emergency. Dispatchers can make and receive individual voice calls, text messages and status messages and perform functions like Radio Check and Unit Enable/Disable. DMR trunked groups can be patched to legacy and current radio systems including EDACS®, SmartNet®, and LTR.

The companies also provide P25, conventional dispatch, and interoperability using Tait base stations with the Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI). For P25 applications, this combination supports advanced features such as Unit ID, Alias, and Emergency.

With the August 2016 announcement that Harris Corporation would resell Tait systems and subscriber radios, a strong application for Catalyst is with current EDACS customers wishing to migrate to Tait DMR. Since Catalyst has intelligent user interfaces to both Harris and Tait radios, including AIS, DFSI, CSSI, & Control Station Interfaces, these radios can exist on a single IP network managed with Catalyst Consoles. Catalyst Interoperability solutions provide a migration path for customers who wish to move from EDACS to DMR, EDACS to P25 Conventional, Etc. with or without Catalyst Consoles.


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